Football (soccer for you Yankees) Baby!!!!!

I had a great chance to shoot some soccer on March 29th (sorry for the late post but lots of things on my mind) when the Brazilian under 20 national team was in town to play a friendly match against the under 18 Gallagher Academy team and the SIUE college team. Each local team played a half against Brazil, let me tell you watching Brazil is like watching a well choreographed Ballet. The footwork of the Brazilian team was jaw dropping. My friends Rebecca and Brian invited me, Brian is a great soccer player who played European and MLS soccer in the nineties. He now is part owner of the St. Louis Goalkeeping Academy which is one of the only full time academies of it type in the United States and implements the latest in international-level training methods. Not to mention he is an AC Milan fan so we support the same team!


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